Plato on Poetry and Politcs – Round Table at the WCP 2018 in Beijing [Aug 13-20, 2018]

In recent years two strands of Plato scholarship have gained important momentum. On the one hand, research into the compositional structures of the dialogues has shown that Plato’s debts to a distinct yet broad poetical tradition is key to their philosophical content. On the other, it has also been suggested that the political agenda of Plato’s philosophical project is so fundamental that we cannot understand the purpose of the dialogues without paying close attention to the way they were designed to comment and interfere in contemporary Athenian politics, both in principle and more specifically. However, despite much excellent research into both these fields, the relationship between them is still understudied. The purpose of this round-table is to bring the political impact of Plato’s poetical dialogues into the fore and open up for a discussion of how the use of language shapes our understanding of what politics is and can do.

The contributing participants will be:

Dr. Olof Pettersson, Uppsala University (Sweden)
Prof. Ryan Balot, University of Toronto (Canada)
Dr. Wei Lui, Renmin University, School of Philosophy (China)
PhD-student Oda Tvedt, University of Bergen (Norway)
PhD-student Hallvard Stette, Uppsala University (Sweden)
Dr. Laura Rabinowitz, University of Colorado (USA)
Prof. Pauliina Remes, Uppsala University (Sweden)

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